Services Overview

Laparoscopic surgical procedures

The physicians at Surgical Associates P.A. are highly trained leaders within their profession. We strive to provide the safest, most effective treatments possible. We routinely use minimally invasive surgical techniques that greatly reduce the pain, risk, and length of recovery for many patients. Our doctors are trained in the latest techniques and technologies including da Vinci Robotic laparoscopic surgical procedures.

Inpatient and Outpatient Procedures

We offer both inpatient and outpatient procedures in a patient-focused environment that results in high rates of patient satisfaction. We are prepared to meet the surgery needs of the residents in Northeast Kansas by providing the following procedures:
  • Da Vinci Robotic Laparoscopy Surgery (Find out more)
  • Robotic Single Site Gallbladder Surgery
  • Head and Neck Surgery- thyroid, parathyroid
  • Surgery for Malignant Disease
  • Abdominal Surgery (open and laparoscopic)
  • Breast Surgery (benign and malignant disease)
  • Minimally Invasive Advanced Laparoscopic & Da Vinci Robotic Laparoscopic Procedures
  • Weight Loss, Bariatric Surgery (laparoscopic)
  • Stomach, Gallbladder, Pancreatic, Small Bowel, Colon, Rectal, Anal Disease, Hernias and Adrenal
  • Endocrine Surgery
  • Gallbladder Surgery
  • Hernia Surgery (open and laparoscopic)
  • Vascular Surgical Consultation
  • Endoscopy: EGD, Colonoscopy
  • Vascular Access Surgery